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Constant Velocity Joints

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看NTN started production of constant velocity joints (CVJs) in Japan in 1963. In 2007, the number of CVJs produced on a cumulative basis surpassed 400 million units. Following aggressive expansion of production worldwide in the 1990s, we now have a strong base of operations to respond to the global sourcing needs of the automotive industry. These operations are supported by a trilateral development system covering the three key regions of the Americas, Japan and Europe. A production and sales system encompassing these three regions has expanded to include China and other parts of Asia.


Since 1991, NTN has been producing American-made CVJs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana. This plant has been recognized for environmental stewardship by the government of Indiana and is a zero-landfill operation. We’ve continued to expand our global presence with more than 18 CVJ plants around the world.


When it comes to manufacturing CVJs for automotive use, performance demands are depend on the type of joint and the location in which they will be used. So, at NTN, we develop special, environmentally conscious, lead-free grease for each type of CVJ and each differing application, so that each one of our joints can operate at its highest level.

Furthermore, as a pioneer in constant velocity joints, we’ve held ourselves to high environmental standards. NTN has answered the demand for lighter, more compact, and higher performance products to reduce fuel consumption. We’ve also provided environmentally considerate products that strictly adhere to both domestic and international environmental standards.

Constant Velocity Blocks


k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看The vibration generated during the operation of automobiles is influenced by shudder characteristics of sliding CVJs, such as induced thrust and slide resistance. At NTN, we have developed epoch-making, tripod-type sliding CVJs that boast the world's largest operating angle of 30° and decrease the shudder value by 50% or more, compared with conventional, low-vibration CVJs. We also offer a diverse lineup to make these joints applicable for an even greater array of automobiles.

By effectively employing our advanced low-vibration technology, NTN is further enhancing products that greatly improve each vehicle's NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).