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From industrial facilities to municipal water supplies, wastewater treatment plants must run continuously. A heavy emphasis on predictive and preventative maintenance can keep you ahead of the curve, but only if premium replacement parts are used. NTN manufactures a broad range of quality bearing products to ensure trouble-free operation. With specialized bearing solutions, we’ve got you covered on a full spectrum of rotating equipment in wastewater treatment:

  • Spherical and case-carburized tapered roller bearings for pumps
  • Sealed ball bearings for aerators and rotating screens
  • Corrosion-resistant bearing units for conveyors
  • Insulated bearings for variable speed drive motors and fans


Ports, inland waterways, and dams are home to some of the harshest and most demanding conditions. Moisture ingress, rust, and heavy loads can all lead to early bearing failure. To withstand these difficult conditions and provide longer bearing life, NTN offers case-carburized tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看NTN’s crown block tapered roller bearings are often found in overheard container cranes at ports—cranes that are often subjected to heavy loads of up to 65 tons and are susceptible to corrosion from nearby salt water. Crown block bearings are produced at the NTN-Bower® facilities in Illinois and Alabama and feature our case-carburized steel, which adds up to 40% onto the life of your bearings.

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看Damage to dams is most often caused by moisture and heavy pressure loads from the water. To combat these issues in applications such as dam gates, sluices, and gearboxes, NTN offers case-carburized tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings with the highest load rating in the industry. We also manufacture a full line of ball bearings and premium Ultra Class™ mounted units for use in ports, inland waterways, and dams.



Baggage- and cargo-handling systems move literally tons of luggage and packages every hour. And since airlines and passengers count on these complex systems to quickly and safely move their cargo through the terminal, breakdowns are simply not acceptable. These systems require high-quality ball bearings, roller bearings and mounted units to ensure safe, smooth, and reliable operation.

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看To meet these demanding requirements, NTN offers a wide range of ball bearings and mounted bearing units. Our top-of-the-line Ultra-Class mounted units combine a land-riding, rubber-lip seal and flinger with optional, black-oxide coating to provide superior protection against contaminants and corrosion. Ultra-Class units also have a solid base housing built for harsh environments that deal with heavy loads. NTN’s electric, motor-grade ball bearings provide smooth, quiet operation to ensure that motors and conveyor equipment are operating at peak efficiency. Ball bearings are available in both sealed and open versions to meet the needs of any cargo-handling application.