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Wind Energy

Servicing the wind-energy industries of Asia, Europe, and the United States for years.

NTN’s OEM experience in mature wind markets enable us to apply expert engineering, production, and marketing practices to main shaft, gearbox, and generator projects at any stage of design.

As the OEM supplier to more than ten megawatt-class turbines, NTN offers world-class technical support and a vast product range, creating an unmatched level of customization to suit the needs of any design. Our expertise in spherical, cylindrical, and multi-row tapered roller bearings helps to ensure optimal turbine performance.


k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看NTN’s asymmetrical roller design is commonly used in pairs at the rotor and generator side of the main shaft. By pushing the rollers into the center inner rib, our products allow for quieter, more smoothly running bearings with low heat generation and, ultimately, longer life.

Our cylindrical roller bearings maintain excellent temperature stability by minimizing roller skew under the variable load and speed conditions present in wind turbine applications. New materials and improved heat treatments increase bearing service life. These bearings are available in many cage configurations including steel, brass, resin, and full-complement.

For turbine designs that don’t require two main rotor bearings or direct drive turbines, the rotor load is borne by the gearbox bearing alone. In this configuration, double- and triple-row tapered roller bearings provide the necessary radial and axial loading characteristics.


As an essential part of the nacelle, the gearbox must function at peak performance to turn wind into power. When replacement is necessary, NTN tapered and cylindrical bearings help to reduce downtime with their easy assembly. Specialized designs provide both high-speed and high-load-carrying capabilities while maintaining the high level of reliability NTN is known for.

NTN bearings can be found in all gearbox applications. From low-speed and high-speed planetary gear drives in main gearboxes to high-speed gear and output shafts, our sophisticated designs meet your requirements.

In addition to standard cylindrical roller bearings, NTN has developed technology that combines the high-load capacity of a full complement bearing with the high rotational speed capabilities of a caged design.

Wind Energy

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看In ratings tests, the high capacity cylindrical roller bearing attained a life 1.5 times longer than a conventional bearing.


k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看Wind turbine technology continues to increase equipment efficiency, reliability, and length of service. In an electric environment, electrolytic corrosion from stray currents passing through an improperly grounded shaft can threaten bearing performance. A bearing insulated from electric current can prevent raceway damage and extend generator life.

Ceramic-Coated Bearings

MEGAOHM™ bearings feature a special ceramic coating applied to the outer surface and side faces of the outer ring. This coating prevents current from passing though the bearing. MEGAOHM™ bearings are used in OEM applications and provide insulation resistance of at least 2,000 MO under normal operating temperatures.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

k频道安装包下载,成年免费视频在线观看For especially problematic applications, NTN offers ceramic hybrid bearings. Using conventional steel for the inner and outer rings, silicon nitride rolling elements provide excellent electrical insulation while reducing rotating mass and improving heat dissipation. The unique properties of ceramic rolling elements can also extend service life and extend grease intervals.